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ITI (iPad Project)

LAUSD Update


The Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) is a major capital investment in technology-enabled classrooms preparing the District for Common Core State Standards, which was adopted by California as well as 44 other U.S. states. The process includes placing a tablet device into the hands of every student and every teacher, creating new modes of interactive and individualized learning, as well as increasing student digital literacy and readiness for computer adaptive assessments. An essential component of the project is mobile device management software that allows schools remotely to control what a tablet can and cannot access, ensuring an appropriate and safe online environment for students.

 For the 2014-2015 School Year, we distributing iPads to all students in the Spring. We look forward to using these devices as instructional tools to enhance the learning environment.


Q: What is the Instructional Technology Initiative (formerly know as Common Core Technology Project?

A: The Instructional Technology Initiative at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will support student achievement and learning of the new Common Core State Standards and the knowledge and 21st century skills needed for students to graduate high school both college and career ready. Through the Common Core Technology Project, LAUSD will equip classrooms with up-to-date technology and provide every student with access to a personal computing device to allow for more individualized instruction.

The Instructional Technology Initiative will provide an individualized, interactive, and information rich educational experience by:

  • Providing educators with tools (devices) to advance student learning and create learning spaces that are designed to increase learner engagement
  • Supporting the Common Core State Standards implementation by providing all students with the opportunity to engage with digital curriculum, interactive supports and adaptive assessments
  • Closing the “Digital Divide” by ensuring all students have access to 21st century skills and technology

Q:  Is this another fad?

A: No. Across the country, 45 states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). At LAUSD, this means that CCSS will replace the current California state standards for learning and provide

The Common Core State Standards are a set of core understandings we want our students to have in order to be prepared for college and their careers ahead. As part of these new standards, students must regularly engage with technology and multimedia to develop essential 21st century skills, and complete computer-based assessments throughout the school year. The entire educational landscape in the United States is shifting and LAUSD is adapting accordingly.

Q:  How are we funding this? Is it sustainable?

A:  The Instructional Technology Initiative will equip classrooms with up-to-date technology and provide every student with access to a personal computing device to allow for more individualized instruction. This is being funded through voter-approved bond funds which are designated for school building and equipment upgrades. During the vendor selection process, we were able to secure an agreement that includes support, repair and replacement of devices. 

By the time this agreement ends, we anticipate the following:

  • Brighter Revenue Outlook - Anticipated increase in revenue for schools in coming years.
  • Diminishing costs - Significantly lower device costs as they become consumables. 
  • Increased Savings - Decrease in expenses for items like calculators, pencils, and paper textbooks – “Over the next few years, textbooks should be obsolete” (Education Secretary Arne Duncan). Currently LAUSD spends approximately $50M each year on textbooks.

Q:  Why can’t we use the money to give raises to teachers and employees instead?

A:  Bond funds are restricted and cannot be used to pay teachers’ salaries. They may only be used for building and equipment upgrades.

Q:  Is this going to create a safety and security risk?

A:  As part of this initiative, the District will continue conducting extensive safety and security analysis and radio frequency safety analysis and will implement a cyber safety and security awareness campaign in order to prepare the LAUSD community for this new program. The District is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our students and employees.

Q:  Will this new technology be used to replace teachers?

A:  Not at all. The new technology is a tool and very much requires an effective teacher that leverages the technology to provide high quality instruction. Teachers will be able to use the technology to better provide individual attention & differentiated instruction to meet their students’ needs. Every student has the right to receive highly effective instruction supported with up-to-date technology.

Q:  Are these digital textbooks?

A:  Not at all. Updating technology for our schools will provide an environment filled with interactive, engaging, “empowered learning” experiences.

Q:  My family doesn’t have internet access at home. How will my child complete homework if everything is online?

A:  The District is committed to providing equitable educational opportunities to ALL students. Therefore, all learning materials required for homework will be accessible in offline mode and will not require an internet connection.

Be sure to continue visiting http://cctp.lausd.net for additional information and updates on the Instructional Technology Initiative.

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