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My Insipration


Kazumi Igus Locker

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Kazumi Igus

Important Parent Info!!!


A few procedural things:

Absences: Your child is normally excused from any missed work that is considered "in class" for all absences. They are NOT excused from ANYTHING posted to this website due to their ability to access it wherever there is internet. (If you don't have internet in your home, please contact me and let me know.) If the student must miss an important test or project presentation, the only way to not take an "F" is to e-mail me ASAP about their absence. If you know in advance, I expect that the student will complete the assignment BEFORE thier absence. If it is an emergency, I must be told AS SOON AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE about it to make other arrangements. I do not accept the "day-after-the-midterm/final-sick-at-home" note. If they are sick enough to be at home and not in the hospital a call or e-mail can be gotten to me that morning.


*There are 3 excused assignments allotted for each semester. If your child has been absent on 3 quizzes, each will be recorded as the excused assignments, after that each quiz is unexcused.


Extra Credit: I give TONS of extra credit. Your child will have no excuse for achieving anything lower than a "C" in my class if there is care.

I am always available for discussion and can evaluate each case individually if need be, but I'd prefer not to do that.


Updates! Please Read!!!


Please have your child check their grades. All late work, extra credit, and corrections must be made before Friday, December 11, 2015.

~ Ms. Igus


AKA Ms. ...more

Ms. I

Ms. I


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