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Wireless Hotspot Problem

Copy and Paste this URL into your browser.



RSA Cryptography

This is an elaborate Math Heavy description about RSA encryption.



Donut Traveling Salesman

Complete Level 9 for a fasnacht treat.


Traveling Salesman Problem



Miller Class Data Survey

Grading Scale

Each class has its own point breakdown in assignments.

Academic Grading Scale is

90% or higher  - A

80% - 89% - B

70% - 79% - C

60%-69% - D


WH and CoOperation

83.3% or Higher E

66.6% or Higher S

Less Than 66.6% U


Work Habits

Each Homework and Classwork Assignment is valued at two points.


Check + 3 points Above and beyond

Check   2 points  Satisfactorily completed Full value

Check - 1 point  half credit, minimal effort or incomplete


The E, S, or U grade is calculated as a percentage of all HW assignments given during a student's enrollment in the class.

For instance, if a student enroll mid-semester, they are excused from any HW assignments given prior to their arrival.


2 Points are awarded to a student for being

  • Present
  • On Time
  • Prepared
  • Polite

1 Point penalty is deducted for

  • unexcused Tardiness
  • Impoliteness
    • Talking, Grooming, Personal Business, etc
    • Food or Drink
    • Unauthorized Electronics

The E, S, or U grade is calculated as a percentage of points awarded for a student's attendance given during a student's enrollment in the class.

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To Arrange a Conference

I am available 4th period to meet with parents. 

Please email me to set an exact date and time.


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Electronics Policy

Students may use a standalone calculator at any time.

No Apps or Cellphone equivalents.

LAUSD issued iPads will be allowed/necessary when designated by the teacher.

All other electronic devices are to be silent and out of sight during class.

See: LAUSD Policy Bulletin 5468.0 or Parent Student Handbook for further information.


Parent Access Support System Portal

This is a tool as a LAUSD Parent I use myself.