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Mrs. McNally (questions about senior agreement, Community Service, and senior portfolio)–
Ms. Prokopidis (Questions about Prom)
Ms. Millet (All other questions or concerns)

Senior Class Info!!

Important Senior Dates

March 27, 2020- Senior Portfolio Section 4: Community Service Hours Due

May 15, 2020- Senior Portfolio Section 6: Graduation Survey Due

May 16, 2020- Senior Prom,

                          LA River Studios

                          2025 N San Fernando Rd.

                          Los Angeles, CA 90065                        

May 29, 2020- Senior Recognition Night

June 9, 2020- Senior Picnic

June 10, 2020- Senior Breakfast

June 11, 2020- Graduation Practice (8:00 am-12:37 pm)

June 12, 2020- Graduation Practice/Pick up Tickets (8:00 am-12:37 pm)

June 12, 2020- Graduation (6:00pm)

Order Form


All graduating seniors are afforded the OPPORTUNITY and PRIVILEDGE to participate in the activities for their graduating class, provided they adhere to the LAUSD Student Code of Conduct, Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets policies and all components of this senior agreement from OCTOBER 1, 2019 through JUNE 12, 2020.

Commencement exercises, prom, recognition/award ceremonies and other activities are planned under the direction of school personnel and approved by school administration. Supervision at these school-sponsored events is the responsibility of school personnel, with the exception of Grad Night, which is not a school-sponsored event.  Students are NOT required to participate in senior activities or graduation. Participation in senior activities/graduation is strictly voluntary and carries with it responsibilities and expectations. This agreement outlines the requirements for participation in senior activities and graduation to ensure that students and parents understand guidelines and expectations.

I wish to participate in the class of 2020 senior activities and graduation ceremony and agree to abide by the requirements listed below:


  1. I will turn in a signed Senior Agreement by October 11, 2019. If I fail to do so, I understand that I will not be allowed to participate in ANY senior activity.
  2. I will maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA for each ten-week grading period.If I fail to do so, I understand I will not be allowed to participate in ANY senior activity.
  3. I will maintain a satisfactory citizenship record and will complete 2 additional hours of community service for each “U” that I receive in COOPERATION for each ten-week grading period.
  4. I will maintain a 96 % attendance rate during my senior year (i.e. no more than 7 absences).
  5. I will submit a note for ALL absences/tardies within ten days of the absence/tardy. Students with unresolved absences/tardies will not be allowed to purchase tickets or receive tickets for senior activities and graduation.
  6. I will adhere to ALL school policies that pertain to senior activities BOTH on and off campus.
  7. I will adhere to all consequences that are issued resulting from my violation of school rules and policies including the LAUSD/WESM Dress Code & Uniform Policy.
  8. I will clear ALL detentions, financial obligations, and delinquencies before participating in and/or receiving tickets to participate in senior activities.
  9. I understand that participation in a major disciplinary incident (including, but not limited to: fighting, acts of misconduct, serious disciplinary infractions, possession/use of restricted substances, and habitual referrals to the Intervention Office) may result in my exclusion from participation in any or all senior activities including graduation.
  10. I understand that I must complete each part of my Senior Portfolio by the established deadline to participate in senior activities (access to Senior Portfolio Guidelines is available on the school website or through the Naviance website).
  11. I understand that all payments for senior activities are NONREFUNDABLE.


  1. I will abide by all requirements outlined in the 2020 Senior Agreement.
  2. I will fulfill all attendance, academic, conduct and graduation requirements.
  3. I will abide by all LAUSD and WESM school policies.
  4. I will complete the entire Senior Portfolio prior to my participation in any graduation rehearsals and pick up my cap and gown.
  5. I will settle all outstanding debts, including detention, textbooks, and any delinquencies before I pick up my cap and gown.
  6. I will NOT alter my cap and gown in any manner. The only exception will be for students who wish to decorate the top of their cap with the emblem of the college/university they plan to attend. Designs must be approved in advance by the senior class sponsor.
  7. I will dress appropriately and according to the guidelines set forth by the graduation committee.
  8. I will NOT participate in any activities before, during, or after the ceremony which may be detrimental to the school, other students, or me, including senior pranks.
  9. I will remain seated and courteous at all times and will NOT cause disruptions during the graduation ceremony.
  10. I will attend all mandatory graduation practices and follow all directions given by staff. I understand that I am required to ATTEND all scheduled rehearsals and that leaving early is not allowed.
  1. I acknowledge that participation in the commencement exercise is a privilege that must be earned.

I have read and understand that if I fail to comply with any parts of this agreement, I will forfeit my senior activities, prom, and graduation.  Participation in senior activities, prom and/or graduation is an earned privilege not a right.

12th Grade Information -Class of 2019 Locker
10/8/19 9:09 AM
4/11/19 10:19 AM