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Academic Integrity Policy

The Westchester Magnets emphasize academic integrity. Students are expected to conduct themselves honorably in their studies by making reasonable efforts on every assignment and assessment. Violations of academic integrity include:

  • Taking credit for work that is not one’s own.
  • Allowing another student to copy or take credit for one’s own work
  • Looking at another student’s test or testing materials
  • Sending or receiving confidential testing information before, during, or after an assessment
  • Plagiarizing (using the words or ideas of another student or author without permission and appropriate citation)

The following consequences will be implemented to address violations of academic integrity:

  • The student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted, and a mandatory conference will be held.
  • The student will receive an automatic grade of 0% on the assessment or assignment in question. No make-up opportunities will be provided.
  • The incident will be recorded on the student’s disciplinary record. If the incident is a part of a persistent pattern of unacceptable behavior, the student may be considered for other disciplinary interventions, up to and including an opportunity transfer.