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Activities & Assemblies

Activity Permits

Any time an individual, group, or organization would like to use the campus or any part of the campus for an activity (other than regularly scheduled, pre-approved activities), an "Activity Permit" form must be completed and approved.

  • Print a copy of the "Activity Permit" form.
  • Secure the required signatures.
  • Submit the form the the school's Business & Operations Manager at least one week prior to the event.

Activity Permits will be approved every Friday. By the end of the day on the Friday you should receive an email from the Business & Operations Manager, indicating whether or not the proposed activity was approved.

Please note that, unless you have an approved Activity Permit, you are not permitted to access school facilities after regular business hours. If you would like to make an exception, you must obtain administrative approval at least one week prior to the day on which you would like to access the campus. Also, please notify Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) at least three working days in advance. Upon arrival to campus, you must call LASPD dispatcher (213-625-6631); provide your name and LAUSD ID#.

Activity Permit Form
Activity Permit Form


During assemblies, teachers must:

  • accompany their students to the assembly
  • keep their class seated together
  • remain with their students throughout the assembly
  • supervise students in order to maintain appropriate control
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