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Student Behavioral Guidelines

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Specific School Rules

The following is a list of specific guidelines, designed to assist students in determining what behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate at school. This is not an exhaustive list, and all students should use common sense in behaving in a responsible and respectful manner.


Students can not leave the campus until the end of the instructional day without the permission of administration or the health office.

Weapons of any kind are not permitted on campus.  This includes items replicating weapons and/or items that can be used as weapons.

Fighting or physical/verbal attacks against students or school personnel are against the law and will not be tolerated.

Students will not be allowed to use and/or have in their possession tobacco products, drugs or alcoholic beverages on campus.

No outside food is allowed on campus at any time.  Any outside food brought to school will be confiscated.  If students must bring food for lunch they must have it with them from the beginning of the school day.  Students cannot obtain or receive outside food during school hours.  

No electronic devices (including cell phones, iPods, portable video game consoles, etc.) may be used, seen, or heard on campus. These items will be confiscated. The school is not liable for any confiscated item.  Emergency calls must be made in the Main Office.

Students are not permitted to damage or write on walls, deface or takes school property or the property of others.

Students will not be permitted to loiter or create disturbances on campus; students will not be allowed to leave the classroom unless they have permission in writing from their teacher.  Teachers will not give permission to leave the class the first 15 or last 15 minutes of the instructional period.

Students will not be allowed to ride motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, bicycles, skateboard or roller skates on campus.  Students who violate this rule may have the item confiscated and held by administration until parents come to claim it.  In situations where students need to bring a skateboard he/she must not ride it on school grounds and must find a teacher that will allow him/her to leave the skateboard in that room until the end of the school day.

The school is not responsible for any property (e.g. jackets, radios, hats, pagers, etc.) that has been confiscated by the faculty and or staff of the school.

Gambling of any form is not permitted.

Defiance of the authority of school personnel, either verbal abuse or gestures, is not permitted.

Use of profanity, abusive language, racially derogatory language or sexual harassment toward students, school personnel or other person on campus is strictly prohibited.

Public display of affection (kissing, excessive hugging, etc.) is not permitted on school grounds.

Gang activity of any kind is not permitted and will result in suspension from school. 

Students must display the appropriate hall pass at all times during school hours.

Explosives or weapons of any kind, matches, cigarette lighters, stink bombs and firecrackers are not permitted on campus. 

Students must arrive to class on time and be seated at the appropriate desk before the bell rings to begin the period. Tardy sweeps are performed regularly.


Violation of any of the above guidelines may result in disciplinary action, including exclusion from involvement in extra-curricular activities.

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