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Class Coverage

There are two types of class coverage assignments:

Paid Assignment: This is authorized when the district cannot provide a substitute for a regular teacher who is absent fo rillness, personal necessity, bereavement, must leave the school because of illness or emergency, or is on district authorized business providing a paid coverage. If a substitute arrives 25 minutes late or halfway through the assigned block, the covering teacher has the option to remain in the classroom the rest of the period for pay or release the class to the substitute. In this case, the covering teacher will not receive pay.

Unpaid Assignment: this involves coverage for a regular teacher who is away on school business or school Activity. Assignments are made on a rotatoinal basis distributing paid and unpaid coverage each block. Some teachers may with to volunteer for frequent paid assignments out of rotation. If this is the case, please notify the SAA, who will see that you are offered this opportunity for extra pay first. During religious holidays, special occasions or emergencies, all personnel will be called upon to cover classes or combine classes. All non-register-carrying teachers who do not have specific classroom assignments will be asked to cover an emergency "on call" situation.