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Positive Behavior Support Plan Locker

Disciplinary Referrals


The following are WESM’s procedures for disciplinary referrals:

  • All disciplinary referrals should be sent directly to our Intervention Office—Room A4.  Referred students must be in possession of a completed referral form or a notice that a referral was submitted online through ISIS.
  • In the Intervention Office, the referred student will have his/her ID scanned into a electronic tracking system. This will ensure that he/she will receive an appropriate consequence for his/her violation of school rules. The responder for the electronic referral will follow up on the appropriate action. Teachers and parents will be notified of those actions
  • If the student is referred for severe disciplinary infractions, he/she will be sent to our Dean, Mr. Azzam. If the student is in need of counseling, he/she will be sent to his/her counselor, assistant principal or the assigned responder.

When a teacher refers a student out of class, it should be for one of the following reasons:

  • The student has committed a crime.
  • The student has demonstrated behaviors (or is threatening to demonstrate behaviors) that make the classroom unsafe.
  • The student is disrupting the classroom environment (and the teacher has already implemented all applicable classroom interventions).
  • The student is in need of immediate counseling.

Before making a referral, teachers should implement any applicable interventions within his/her classroom as noted on the ODR. Some examples include:

  • Seat change
  • Individual conference with the student
  • Phone conference with parent/guardian
  • In-person conference with parent/guardian

Please note that our Dean, Mr. Ed Azzam, can be contacted at extension 2473 or via the Main Office (extension 2401).