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Emergency Drills

Fire Drills

Signal Bell sounds for 10 seconds, pauses for 5 seconds, sounds for 10 seconds, pauses, repeats.
Action Evacuate to designated outside area.
All Clear One long 10 second bell or oral notification by Incident Commander or designee.

Earthquake Drills

Signal Command of "Drop" given by teacher or other staff member
Action Drop to knees, take cover under desk, and hold onto leg of furniture. Remain in position until evacuation bell sounds or until "all clear" is given.
All Clear Oral notification by Incident Commander or designee

Drop/Take Cover (Explosion, Airplane Crash, Shooting, etc.)

Signal Alternating long and short bells. Command of DROP.
Action Take immediate cover, facing away from windows or other hazards. Bury face in arms to protect head. Close eyes tightly. Remain in position until directed to evacuate or all clear is given.
All Clear One long 10-second bell or oral notification.

Shelter in Place (formerly Lock Down)

Signal One long continuous bell or intercom message (Code 1000)
Action Lock doors, close blinds and windows, and move away from windows. If outside, proceede to closest room. Remain inside until all clear.
All Clear Long 10 second bell or oral notification
Evacuation Map
Evacuation Map

Evacuation Map

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Emergency Procedures

The following procedures are to be followed during an earthquake or other emergency:

1.     If an earthquake occurs, immediately drop to the floor away from any windows.  Instruct the students to drop and take cover.  When the shaking stops, turn off any gas, water or equipment.

2.     Check for any injured students and communicate with the teacher next door.

3.     Pick up your roll book and Emergency Folder(clipboard) and proceed to the Emergency Assembly Area indicated on the Evacuation Map.  Leave your classroom doors open or unlocked in the event of an earthquake.

4.     When the emergency bells ring, escort your class to the pre-determined path to the athletic fields.   If the halls or stairwells are blocked for any reason, take alternate routes to the field.

5.     Assemble on the field in your designated area.  Take roll using the Emergency Drill Absence Sheet.  Instruct the students that if an earthquake occurs when they are not in class, they are to report to their next block teacher on the field.

6.     Report to the Incident Command Center to check-in for Staff Roll Clearance and report all damages and injuries in need of assistance.

7.     Before returning to class, wait for the ‘all clear’ signal or instruction from administration.

If you have an emergency staffing assignment, you must FIRST bring your class to the field and check in at the Command Center for additional information.

If the emergency takes place during your conference block or if you are a non roll-carrying teacher, report to the Command Center for further instructions.

All gates are to be closed and locked except for emergency vehicle access.  All outsiders are to be directed to the REQUEST GATE/COMMUNICATION GATE, which will be the main gate, between the library and the A Building.  The gate to the faculty parking lot will be the REUNION GATE.

Lockdown Procedures

  1. You will hear the “Lock-Down” Alert bell or PA announcement – CODE 1000
  2. Students/staff are to immediately enter the nearest classroom or office if outside when the lockdown signal is given.
  3. Close and lock all doors, windows and window shades.
  4. Do not allow any person to leave or enter the classroom.
  5. The “Lock-Down” Alert will remain in effect until “All Clear” bell sounds to signify the end of the emergency on the school site.
  6. Staff will be briefed as soon as possible.