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Radio Usage

Radio Protocols

When using a school radio, please observe the following protocols:

Radio Call Numbers

When calling another faculty/staff member over the radio, refer to the person according to the following call numbers:

Westchester 1 Officer Charlemaign School Police Officer
Westchester 2 Officer Johnson School Police Officer
Westchester 3 Ed Azzam Dean
Westchester 4    
Westchester 5    
Westchester 6 Johnnie Williams Campus Aide
Westchester 7 Dewitt Cotton Campus Aide
Westchester 8 Tony Griffin Campus Aide
Westchester 10 Bobby Carr Principal
Westchester 11 Simone Santiel APSCS
Westchester 12 Elias Miles Instructional Specialist
Westchester 13 Cynthia Hill Assistant Principal
Westchester 14 Oswaldo Bonilla Business & Ops Manager
Westchester 15 Sukari Garlington Bridge Coordinator
Westchester 16 Jared DuPree Magnet Coordinator
Westchester 17 Alicia Santana Psych. Social Worker
Westchester 22 Theo Dunn Plant Manager
Westchester 22(N) Patrick Ingram Assistant Plant Manager
Westchester 23 (various) Building & Grounds Staff
Westchester 30 Diana Lua College Counselor
Westchester 31 Todd Johnson Counselor
Westchester 32 Caroline Kleier Counselor
Westchester 33 Burgandie Montoya Counselor

Radio Codes

When making radio transmissions, we generally use codes to signify the message we wish to convey. Sometimes, this is for the sake of brevity and clarify. Other times, we use code for the sake of avoiding panic. We have to remember that students are often in a position to overhear radio transmissions; they are likely to panic if they hear a message about a person in possession of a firearm. In cases such as these, it is crucial that we use the code, such as "417G," so that we can address the situation in a calm, orderly manner.

Code 3 Emergency: All appropriate units report IMMEDIATELY
Code 4 Situation is under control
Code 7 Lunch/Dinner Break
Code 100 Restroom Break
Code 1,000 School Lockdown
11-3-57 Marijuana
T-5 Tagging/Graffitti
417K Person with a Knife
417G Person with a Gun
415 Fight
10-9 Repeat your message.
10-20 What is your location?
10-21 You have a phone call.