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Sexual Harassment Policy

Notification/Summary of Sexual Harassment Policy/Procedures with Regard to All District Employees and Students

It is the policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District to maintain a working and learning environment that is free from sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment of or by employees or students is a form of gender discrimination in that it constitutes differential treatment on the basis of gender, and , for that reason, is a violation of state and federal laws and a violation of this policy.  The District considers sexual harassment to be a major offense that can result in disciplinary action to the offending employee or the suspension or expulsion of the offending student.  The District prohibits retaliatory behavior against anyone who files a sexual harassment complaint or any participant tin the complain investigation process.  Each complaint alleging sexual harassment shall be promptly investigated in a way that respected the privacy of all parties concerned.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

Any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, made of someone from or in the work or educational setting…(EC212.5)


Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to:


  • Verbal conduct such as suggestive comments, derogatory comments, sexual innuendos, slurs, or unwanted sexual advances, invitations, or comments.
  • Visual conduct such as display of sexually suggestive objects, pictures, posters, cartoons, or drawings, or use of obscene gestures.
  • Physical conduct such as displays of sexual suggestive objects, pictures, posters, cartoons, or drawings, or use of obscene gestures.
  • Physical conduct such as unwanted touching, pinching, kissing, patting, hugging, blocking of normal movement, assault, or interference with work or study directed at an individual because of the individual’s gender.
  • Threats and demands to submit to sexual requests in order to keep a job or academic standing to avoid other loss, and offers of benefits in return for sexual favors.
  • Retaliation for opposing, reporting threatening to report or participate in an investigation or proceeding on a claim of sexual harassment.


Each District administrator shall be held responsible for promoting the understanding and acceptance of, and assuring compliance with state and federal laws and District policy and procedures governing sexual harassment within his/her school or office.


For further assistance with concerns, contact Deanne Neiman, Director and District Title IX Coordinator, Educational Equity Compliance Office, at (213) 241-7682.