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LMU Professor Partners with WESM's Environmental & Natural Science Magnet

We are thrilled to have Dr. Eric Strauss, appointed Presidential Professor at Loyola Marymount University and founder/director of LMU's Center for Urban Resiliance (CURes), has agreed to serve as a consultant for WESM's Environmental and Natural Science Magnet.

Professor Strauss comes to LMU from Boston College where he has served for 15 years as the Founding Director of Environmental Studies and a faculty member in the Biology Department. With research specialties in animal behavior, urban ecosystem dynamics and science education, Eric has extended the model for faculty activities by helping to co-found the Urban Ecology Institute in Boston, which provides educational, research and restoration programs to underserved neighborhoods and their residents. His team has been awarded over $7M in funding from the National Science Foundation to conduct urban ecology research, implement interdisciplinary secondary school ecology programs and develop the first national urban ecology curriculum for high school students.  In addition, Dr. Strauss is the Founding Editor of a web-based peer-reviewed journal, Cities and the Environment, which is funded in part by the USDA Forest Service. His work includes collaborative long term studies of coyotes and other vertebrates, conducted both in Boston and from a field station of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. His courses at Boston College have included Foundations of Urban Ecology, Animal Behavior, Ecology of a Dynamic Planet and a freshman seminar Courage To Know: Spiritual Ecology.

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Environmental & Natural Science Magnet

Not just college ready... College Confident

Our magnet strives to offer the students in the Environmental & Natural Science Magnet a curriculum that will prepare them to be familiar with college level research and to solve the global environmental problems of the 21st century. Students will have access to LMU research opportunities though our LMU Family of Schools relationship, outdoor learning labs such as our aquaponics system and student-sustained garden, college level research equipment for on-campus botanical and ecology studies, and complex local ecosystems like the Ballona Wetlands.


The teachers in the magnet, regardless of the discipline, offer environmentally themed curriculum, field trips and project opportunities.


The elective pathways support work or research skills in areas that support current and future environmental issues.


Check out the ENS Prezi Presentation in the Magnet Resources Locker.

Organic Matters

Electives & Advanced Courses

Students will have access to an extensive array of A-G courses, including thematically-aligned courses related to environmental and natural science. We offer courses such as Green Construction, which has an emphasis on sustainable building materials and alternative energy utilization, Plant and Soil Science, which emphasizes urban gardens and different kinds of soil abatement techniques, and AP Environmental Science. These courses can help students prepare themselves for careers related to global environmental issues and local ecosystems or get a solid foundational knowledge of current global issues.

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Kazumi Igus, Environmental & Natural Science Lead Teacher

Carla Heiland, Magnet Counselor


The Award
The Award

Clubs and Extra Curricular Offerings

Garden Days

Mindfulness Club


Green Nation

KEY Club

Campus Biodiversity Surveys

Beach Clean-Up Days


Ballona Wetlands