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Intervention Office

Positive Behavior & Intervention

At Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, we have adopted a progressive discipline policy that emphasizes "positive behavior & intervention" support (PBIS). This means that, when students behave inappropriately, we help them develop strategies to improve their behavior in the future. We also have a PBIS Team comprised of all stakeholders (Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents, and Community Members) that analyze our policies and procedures for addressing discipline issues.
Behavioral Expectations
Uniform Policy
Disciplinary Referral Process


Mrs. Lauren McNally

Phone (310) 338 - 2472

Restorative Justice

What is Restorative Justice in Schools?

Restorative Justice is a “philosophy and approach to discipline that moves away from ensure accountability and breaks the cycle of retribution and violence” ( Alfed, 2010).

The following Principles of Restorative Justice provide the foundation of what we are implementing here at Westchester High School:

1. Acknowledge that relationships are essential to building a successful school community.

2. Build systems that address student misconduct and harm in a way that strengthens relationships and focus on the harm done rather than focusing on the rule broken.

3. Utilize Restorative Practices School-wide to manage behavior such as Community Building Circles, Restorative Conferences, Restorative Language