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Law Enforcement Investigations

As mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect, District employees may come into contact with local law enforcement or DCFS emergency workers who are investigating child abuse reports. Schools should keep in mind that, under the law, Child Protective Services Agencies such as local law enforcement and DCFS may interview a suspected victim of child abuse during school hours, on school premises (Penal Code section 11174.3). Schools should allow interviews of suspected child abuse victims by Child Protective Services Agencies without parent/guardian consent, a warrant, or a court order.

Under the Penal Code and District policy, the child shall be afforded the option of being interviewed in private or selecting any adult who is a member of the staff of the school, including any certificated or classified employee or volunteer aide, to be present at the interview. The purpose of the staff person's presence at the interview is to lend support to the child and enable him or her to be as comfortable as possible, but the staff member does not participate in the interview and must keep the interview confidential (Penal Code section 11174.3).