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Math Department

Welcome to the Math Department Page!! All Math Department Teachers will be providing up-to-date information regarding classes. If you have any question, teacher's email addresses are avilable as well.

Mr. Henderson -

Algebra 1B

  • IXL- Algebra 1- AA.1-Finding the Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
  • IXL- Algebra 1- AA.2- Factoring out the GCF
  • IXL-Algebra 1- AA.4-Factoring Quadratics w/Leading Coefficient of 1
  • IXL-Algebra 1-AA.5-Factoring Quadratics w/other Leading Coefficients
  • IXL- Algebra 1-AA.6- Factoring Quadratics: Special Cases
  • IXL- Algebra 1-AA.7- Factoring by Graphing
  • IXL- Algebra 1-AA.8- Factoring Polynommials

Geometry B

  • IXL- Geometry- N.6- Properties of Parallelograms
  • IXL- Geometry- N.7- Proving a Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram
  • IXL- Geometry- N.8- Properties of Rhombuses
  • IXL- Geometry- N.9- Properties of Squares and Rectangles
  • IXL- Geometry- N.10- Properties of Trapezoids
  • IXL- Geometry-N.11- Properties of Kites
Mr. Crawley -

Information on Mr. Crawley's Class is on Schoology.

Mr. Boyce-

Information on Mr. Boyce's Class is on his Website.

Mr. Ebohon -

Information on Mr. Ebohon's Class is on Schoology.

Mr. Gayer -

Information on Mr. Gayer's Class is on Schoology.

Mr. Miller -

Information on Mr. Miller's Class is on his Website.


Mr. Gayer, Department Chairperson

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