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Catch the Comet Spirit
Catch the Comet Spirit
Additional help
Additional help


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Extra Credit  Assignments

Does International Law Enforcement target minorities? (Thinking maps and Rough Draft)

Which Latino has contributed the most to world culture? 10/16/15

Is Christopher Columbus a villain or hero? 10/23/15

Latino entertainer project 10/30/15

What was the greatest invention of the Industrial Revolution?

What was the top ten  most important event that changed history? Video

Has Dr. Martin Luther King's dream come alive? (Due 1/25/16)

Did Imperialism have a greater impact on India or China?  (1/29/16)

Did Imperialism help or hurt Africa? (Due 2/5/16)

Eyes On The Prize Essay (Due 2/19/16)

Create a Poetic Work that is related to the person you were given for Black History Month (Due 3/4/16)

How did the role of Women impact World War2? (Due 4/1/16)

School Spirit Due 4/8/16

Compare  the Mexican Revolution to the Russian Revolution. (Due 4/15/16)

Would you give up one of your goals in order to support the United States? (Due 4/22/16)

iMovie trace a major disease that has impacted the World. (Due 4/25/16) See teacher for details

Who was a more brutal ruler Hitler or Stalin? (Due 5/13)

What  problems of World War 2 still exist today? (Due 5/20/16

What is your reaction to the Colin Kaepernick Debate?

What person contributed the most to Latin culture?

Who won the presidential debate on 9/26/16 ?



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