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ELA Department Chair

HSM Lead Teacher

The HSM Magnet is undergoing some great changes.

I expect that this school year will be great.  You will...



Prepare for life-long learning in a culturally, politically, and economically diverse society

Achieve proficiency in Common Core and content area standards



Learn, write, present and share innovative ideas with diverse members of our society

Listen actively and speak with clarity when arguing, supporting, or justifying your position 



Identify and solve complex, real-world problems that require collaboration, innovation, and multiple solutions

Predict, infer, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize to make appropriate decisions



Create and maintain positive relationships and interactions with peers, staff, community, and environment

Recognize patterns of behavior and emotional responses to challenging situations, and respond with perseverance and empathy


ELA Focus Standards


Given assignments based on the following Standards, students will demonstrate proficiency by producing effective written and/or verbal communications:

Citing Evidence - using quotes or personal examples

Speaking and Listening - actively listen, and use professional English and grade-level vocabulary

Text Structure - writing various structures, and understanding the purpose of the texts we read

Theme - each Unit will have a theme and Guiding Question to focus our purpose for reading and discussions

Evidence-based Writing - use quotes and/or personal example as support

Language Development - weekly Khan Academy lessons and text specific vocabulary will assist with language development