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Aspen Challenge

Congratulations WESM team on winning the Aspen Challenge!

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We chose John “jt” Reager’s challenge on increasing awareness and resolving the difference between the water we need and the water we use, because this water issue effects every last one of us whether we know it or not. through this challenge we engaged our fellow student body through social media, community service events, and word of mouth on the significance of conserving water. we also sought to educate and motivate the surrounding community and those beyond on the importance of not letting our wants, in regards to water usage outweigh our needs by offering better water saving options to the way we use and most often waste water. as of today we are well on our way to accomplishing our goals.


Members of The Team

In order from left to right

Matthew James

Roman Valentine

Marcus Shields

WESM Princpal Debra Bryant

Coach Joseph Starks

Analisa Davis

Danielle Rawles

Roxanna Pakkar

Brittany Ward

Azza Spivey

Fabien Debies

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Check out the WESM ASPEN website at

Watch their presentation!

Watch the WESM Aspen Presentation in action, starting at minute 34, here.