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What is HOSA?

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) is the only student-run organization whose express purpose is to prepare students (from middle school to college-age) to enter careers in the healthcare industry.

HOSA's structure allows students to engage in meaningful activities, directly related to their preferred career pathway.  Students have the opportunity to compete in state and national competitions, in the area(s) of their choosing.  The preparation for these competitive events prepares students for challenging academic coursework in higher education and for difficult projects upon workforce entry. 

A major benefit of HOSA is also the "soft skills" most high school students do not possess.  Students learn how to conduct themselves in an interview; how to return a strong handshake; how to maintain eye contact; how to dress professionally and how to behave in a professional environment.  And they do all of this, under the care and guidance of their HOSA Advisor as well as industry professionals, surrounded by like-minded students with similar academic and professional goals as themselves.

Looking beyond their own existence, HOSA students also engage in community service, targeted specifically to opportunities in healthcare.  They may serve volunteer hours visiting elderly patients in a care facility or spending time with ill patients in a hospital.  They may develop and coordinate a community service project to improve upon the knowledge of general health and well-being in their community.

HOSA serves to "strengthen the pipeline" that funnels students into professions in healthcare.  If you want to be a doctor or nurse or sports therapist or physical therapist or EMT or any other career in healthcare, then HOSA is for you!!

Come to one of our meetings to check us out!

Come to a Meeting!!

        Students in ALL            magnets are welcome!

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Room D6

Congratulations WESM HOSA Finalist!

Congratulations Tejinder Kaur for being being a finalist at the HOSA State Leadership Conference!!