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Go Comets!

Our campus has a long history of athletic excellence, emphasizing academic achievement alongside athletic prowess. This is why we call ourselves "The Home of Scholars and Champions."

We are, of course, the home of the most prestigous men's basketball program in California (winning 6 state championships in the past 13 years). But there is much more to Westchester athletics than basketball. In the 2009-10 school year, we also won Los Angeles City Section championships in baseball and volleyball.


In addition, our Girls' Sports are on the rise.  Tennis made the playoffs last year and Softball has gone deep in the playoffs the past 2 years.


 Westchester is determined to continue this tradition of athletic excellence. With the creation of our Health & Sports Medicine program, we have created opportunities for students to learn medical science and explore the capacity of the human body through participation in athletic activities.

Athletics Directory

Sport Head Coach Email
Football Wyatt Henderson
Girls Volleyball Tershama Hill
Boys Volleyball Darryl Adams
B & G Golf Tim Lenderman
Cross Country Kurt Goetz
G & B Tennis Steven Salazar
Boys Basketball Ed Azzam
Girls Basketball    
Boys Soccer Hernan Cardona
Girls Soccer Scott Boyce
Baseball Mike Moultrie
Softball Justin Cohen
Lacrosse Scott Boyce
Track and Field Kurt Goetz
Cheer Alonia Alexander
Band Nancy Reeves


Athletic Events


Athletic Director

Brian Henderson

Assistant Athletic Director

Ed Azzam

Duties of the Athletic Director

  • Approve and order equipment and uniforms
  • Assist students and parents in the paperwork process as it relates to transfers and waivers
  • Attend District and League Athletic meetings
  • Conduct seasonal "Rules Sessions" as required
  • Coordinate and submit the Supplemental Coaching Assignment forms as needed
  • Coordinate playoff participation on multi-sports at end of each season
  • Coordinate the completion of coaching assistant procedure
  • Coordinate use of school athletic facilities
  • Coordinate Incident Reports as needed
  • Disseminate communication to all relevant stakeholders
  • Enforce the CIF LA City Section rules, policies, and regulations
  • Enforce applicable LAUSD policies and procedures
  • Enforce the six pillars of characterfor PVH for athletes and coaches
  • Ensure custodial assistance when needed
  • Ensure the safety of equipment and facilities for practice and games
  • Facilitate and/or attend coaches, student, and parent meetings
  • Facilitate and/or participate in conferences re: coaching behavior and expectations
  • Facilitate fundraising efforts
  • Function as the liaison between coaches and the Athletics Office
  • Interface with Civic Center Permits and Youth Services
  • Monitor Coaching Education requirements
  • Monitor compliance with Title V adn SB 435 Requirements
  • Order and confirm athletic buses
  • Process eligibility packets
  • Process P.O.s and ensure payment of officials
  • Provide and coordinate tournament information
  • Recognize and enforce Title IX guidelines
  • Represent school at championship events as needed
  • Reschedule athletic contests as needed
  • Schedule non-league contests
  • Secure working personnel for game management
  • Secure medical personnel for specific athletic events
  • Supervise athletic contests
  • Work with administration on the school calendar