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IMA Requests

Teachers, if you would like to request instructional materials for your class, for your department, or for your magnet, please submit this form to the administrator that supervises your Department.

Course Guidelines

When developing syllabi for courses offered at WESM, teachers should use LAUSD's course guidelines as a foundational document. Please refer to course guidelines in the locker to the right or by clicking the following links:

Campus Facilities Usage

Any use of facilities or access onto District-owned property must be documented and authorized by an agreement, either a permit or a license agreement.  

The types of permits and licenses include (but are not limited to):  


Civic Center Permits

The major function of the Civic Center Permit Office is the issuance of permits to allow for the use of school facilities in conformance with the California Education Code mandate and the Board of Education rules, which require that each and every public school facility be made available as a civic center to members of the community and non-profit organizations for supervised recreational activities, meetings and public discussion, without disruption to regular school activities.

Authorized uses include:

  1. Supervised recreational activities
  2. Meetings and public discussions
  3. Girl/Boy Scout Troops
  4. Senior Citizen's Organizations
  5. Jazzercise, aerobics, jujitsu

The website for the Civic Center Permit office and link for an LAUSD Application for Use of District Facilities (under a civic center permit) can be found here.



Filming Permits

Westchester Magnets has an authorized contractor/vendor for the processing of filming permits.

1201 W. 5th Street, Suite T-800
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone (213) 977-8600 / Fax (213) 977-8686

License Agreements 

For the uses and the organizations that do not fall under the Civic Center qualifications, a license for use of school district facilities may be issued through LAUSD.

Technology Issues

Issues with your telephone, printer, computer or internet connectivity?

Step 1: Open an ITD service ticket by calling 213) 241-5200 or by signing on here. The online option is the fastest method.

Step 2: Log your technology issue in the RED binder in the main office. You will be contacted within 48 hours with a resolution.


To request technology equipment (printer ink, laptops, projectors, televisions, cables, etc), see Mr.Ghong or you may contact him at 310-338-2421.

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