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Health & Sports Medicine Magnet

Program Description

Students in the Health & Sports Medicine Magnet engage in a rigorous curriculum that connects athletics to biological principles.  Our motto is: Mens sana in corpore sano, Latin for "A sound mind in a healthy body."  We believe in the inseparable connection between physical, mental and emotional health.  We aim to educate our students accordingly.  Through Project-Based Learning, our students learn and apply academic content to authentic health-related areas.  Students have the opportunity to obtain real-world experience in the area of sports medicine by providing physical therapy support to our nationally renowned athletics program.  Through our annual blood drives, health fairs, guest speakers and field trips, students interact directly with medical professionals and gain first-hand exposure to health professions.

Electives & Advanced Courses

Students have access to an extensive array of A-G courses, including thematically-aligned courses related to sports medicine. In our Sports Therapy progression of classes, students learn about the human body from a certified, professional athletic trainer.  They also learn specifics about common athletic injuries and how to treat them.  Students in the Advanced course work with the athletic trainer in caring for our athletes before, during and after sporting events.

Congratulations 2016 HSM Graduates!!!

Join us in congratulating our class of 2016 Health and Sports Medicine graduates!

Our students will join the ranks of a variety of post-secondary opportunities in the fall, including such prestigious universities as UC Berkeley, USC, UC Irvine, Spelman College, San Diego State, UC Santa Cruz, Cal State Northridge, Northern Arizona University, Humboldt State, BIOLA University, Tuskegee University, UC Riverside, San Francisco State, and many more!  In addition, we have students who have chosen to further their education at various community colleges or serve our country by joining a branch of the armed services, including the Navy and the Air Force.

We wish you the best class of 2016!  We know you will make us proud!

Interested in Joining our Community?

Interested families and professionals should contact Ms. Millet, our Magnet Coordinator.  

We continually seek partnerships with local medical offices, professional sports teams and sports medicine clinics so that our students can engage in internships, field trips, and job shadowing opportunities.

MS. MCNALLY, HSM Lead Teacher

Dr. Omar Cook, HSM Counselor

Veianca Millet, Magnet Coordinator

You can reach Ms. Millet directly at 310-338-2526 or via email by clicking here

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

Join the ONLY student-run organization designed SPECIFICALLY for future healthcare professionals.

Every Wednesday at Lunch.  Room D6

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Summer Opportunities in medicine!

Click the links below to learn more about local summer opportunities open to teens!


Cedars - Sinai Teen Volunteer Program


Children's Hospital Los Angeles Internship Program

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